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Sharing samples with your patients is easy! Your free samples package will include a special coupon that you can provide to your patients for 30% off their first order.


Did you know that many of the patients who are referred by their provider will order a 90-day supply of Restore? And many of our medical partners tell us about the impact this daily care product is having for their patients or clients.

“Our patients find the sensitive formula does not
irritate nor cause new infections of BV.”
– Nurse Comeaux, ​Westwego, LA


“I have a patient who has gone through vaginal radiation and had persistent dryness that was painful. She says your products have allowed her not to have ongoing pain and to resume a sexual relationship with her spouse, which she feared was over.”

Sarah C. Wilson, MSN, RN, CNP  GYN Oncology Nurse Practitioner

“I have had so many positive responses to this product from my patients. I am so excited with the response. I do know that several of my patients have switched from [popular OTC lubricant brand] to this product after using the samples we provided them with... they say there is no comparison!”

Harry W. Kuberg, MD  Kuberg Clinic

“Your lubricant has been a lifesaver for many of my patients - the best lubricant ever! Thank you, Good Clean Love! I'm relieved that there has not been one patient who has been "allergic" to it!”

Debra M. Cunningham, WHNP  Alton OB/GYN Associates

The Science Behind Our Bio Match™ Products

The key to maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem is promoting conditions that match optimal vaginal pH and salt balance. Our Bio Match™ products are based on the scientific model of biomimicry, which studies nature's models and uses these processes to solve human problems. 

Formulated under the guidance of independent scientific research led by Johns Hopkins biophysicist Dr. Richard Cone, our Restore pH-Balancing & Moisturizing Gel is designed to reinforce the protective actions of healthy vaginal secretions.

Exclusively for our medical partners… Your free sample kit includes 40 trial packets of Restore. We also provide an introductory offer so your patients can save 30% when they’re ready to start daily use of Restore.

Balance Cleans & Soothes With Natural Botanicals

Our gynecologist-recommended, daily use feminine wash helps cleanse, refresh and eliminate odor while maintaining optimal vaginal pH levels thanks to our patented Bio Match™ formulation. Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash is free of artificial fragrances and harsh soaps. It cleans gently while moisturizing and soothing sensitive feminine areas.

This external wash cleanses with soothing botanical extracts. Not made with petroleum or parabens.

Exclusively for our medical partners… Your sample kit will include 40 trial size packets of Balance, with refills available to program Success Partners who refer their patients to Good Clean Love.