Discovering Bio Match™ For Vaginal Health

It took years of experimenting in my kitchen and finding a laboratory that would work with me to develop vaginal health products that would keep me healthy. Now, 15 years later, we produce not only one of the best-selling certified organic lubricants on the market but also a complete line of wellness products that closely match a woman’s vaginal chemistry. We’ve combined natural ingredients in my patented Bio Match formula to provide women with pH-balanced moisturizing gels, probiotics, a personal wash, cleansing wipes and intimacy lubricants that are both safe and effective.

Wendy Strgar, Founder & CEO
Good Clean Love

“I have a patient who has gone through vaginal radiation and had persistent dryness that was painful. She says your products have allowed her not to have ongoing pain and to resume a sexual relationship with her spouse, which she feared was over.”

Sarah C. Wilson, MSN, RN, CNP  GYN Oncology Nurse Practitioner

“I have had so many positive responses to this product from my patients. I am so excited with the response. I do know that several of my patients have switched from [popular OTC lubricant brand] to this product after using the samples we provided them with... they say there is no comparison!”

Harry W. Kuberg, MD  Kuberg Clinic

“Your lubricant has been a lifesaver for many of my patients - the best lubricant ever! Thank you, Good Clean Love! I'm relieved that there has not been one patient who has been "allergic" to it!”

Debra M. Cunningham, WHNP  Alton OB/GYN Associates

The Science Behind Our Bio Match™ Products

The key to maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem is promoting conditions that match optimal vaginal pH and salt balance. Our Bio Match™ products are based on the scientific model of biomimicry, which studies nature's models and uses these processes to solve human problems. 

Formulated under the guidance of independent scientific research led by Johns Hopkins biophysicist Dr. Richard Cone, our Restore pH-Balancing & Moisturizing Gel is designed to reinforce the protective actions of healthy vaginal secretions.

Exclusively for our medical partners… Your free sample kit includes 40 trial packets of Restore. We also provide a simple referral form and a coupon so your patients can save 30% when they’re ready to start daily use of Restore.

Balance Cleans & Soothes With Natural Botanicals

Our gynecologist-recommended, daily use feminine wash helps cleanse, refresh and eliminate odor while maintaining optimal vaginal pH levels thanks to our patented Bio Match™ formulation. Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash is free of artificial fragrances and harsh soaps. It cleans gently while moisturizing and soothing sensitive feminine areas.

This external wash cleans with soothing botanical extracts. Not made with petroleum or parabens.

Exclusively for our medical partners… Your sample kit will include 40 trial size packets of Balance, with refills available to Success Partners who refer their patients to Good Clean Love.

Osmolality & A Patent For Bio Matched Vaginal Gels

In 2012, the contents of a letter about personal lubricant and a biological characteristic called osmolality found its way to Good Clean Love founder Wendy Strgar.  In that letter, she discovered that an NIH-funded study had found Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked Organic Lubricant to be one of the safest products in the study. You can read the study here.

At the time, Wendy recalls not being fully versed on osmolality and how it related to the product she had developed. “The letter shared news that our Almost Naked personal lubricant had the same osmolality as human tissue. I was unclear on what that meant, but wasn’t surprised when I read that it closely resembled human secretions. I had already experienced, like many of our customers using Almost Naked, that it felt like taking 10 years off the clock – easing vaginal dryness and odor. The lubricant felt ‘like me’, or at least how I used to feel before nursing four kids across 10 years.”

Ironically the study was intended not to study personal lubricants, but to invent a (vaginal) buffer gel that would prevent the increasing incidence of HIV and other serious STIs. Although the research project didn’t accomplish this task, gathering data on 5,000 women showed the incidence of bacterial vaginosis (BV) and how this most common genital infection heightened the risks of HIV and STIs. The findings prompted one of the primary researchers, Dr. Richard A. Cone of Johns Hopkins University, to say that "all sexual lubricants should be reformulated…”

Wendy called Dr. Cone and the friendship that resulted led to the company fulfilling its goal of bio matching personal intimacy and hygiene products to healthy vaginal ecosystems. For years, Wendy had been forging a path of creating vaginal care products that do no harm, and using bio-mimicry to nudge women’s bodies back to their natural, healthy state. She was later awarded a patent on the idea of Bio Matched vaginal gels.


Today, Good Clean Love is proud to offer women a family of Bio Match™ products. Each is scientifically formulated to maintain an optimal acidic pH and support a healthy vaginal ecosystem while avoiding ingredients that irritate sensitive tissue or disrupt the vagina’s delicate balance.